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Guidelines for establishing a Florida State Record
1) A state record can only be set in a sanctioned USA Powerlifting/IPF Championship.

2) Must be a resident in the State of Florida for more than 6 months.
3) A state record is required to be officiated by three certified and registered state, national or international referees.
4) A lifter setting a state record must weigh-in two hours before the commencement of lifting.
5) A Florida state record can only be set by an athlete that has purchased the full year membership.

Special Note: Effective January 1, 2015 — The Florida State Records in the old weight classes have been archived and retired.

USA Powerlifting- Florida Record Certificates
Robert Keller – Records Chairman
Post Office Box 291571
Davie, Florida 33329-1571
Telephone: 954.790.2249

The mission of Florida Powerlifting is to promote drug-free powerlifting competitions, training seminars, and fitness events throughout the State of Florida. Overall, our goal is to promote a healthy and active drug-free lifestyle that will encourage strength and fitness enthusiasts to compete at the local, national and international level. USA Powerlifting is proud that Florida Powerlifting is the only recognized and official representative for powerlifting in the State of Florida. Statewide competitions are open to all amateur athletes 8 years of age and higher.

Robert Keller
USA Powerlifting - Florida
Post Office Box 291571
Davie, Florida 33329

Telephone: 954.790.2249


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